Flood-Resilient Infill Housing

Cincinnati’s East End Garden District

After a flood destroyed more than 40% of the existing neighborhood, residents of Cincinnati’s East End Garden District formed a committee dedicated to revitalizing their neighborhood.

Flexible. Affordable. Replicable.

Our design features a private office where residents can work from home. As the family grows, two designated workspaces can be converted to bedrooms. That amounts to 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, 1200 SF for approximately $160,000.

Contextual. Sociable. Sustainable.

The design utilizes elements of the vernacular as passive (energy-saving) design strategies. The covered porch and overhands shades the south facade. Windows are scaled to light spaces appropriately without excessive solar gain. The front porch invites neighbors in as wide, open stairs extend down to the sidewalk. Planters bring gardening activity to each lot, bolstering the district identity.

Privacy & Safety

Limiting windows on one facade advances privacy between neighbors without compromising daylight or views. Flood vents allow floodwater to flow through the first level without affecting the living spaces above.

Resiliency = Self-Reliance

Solar panels, rainwater collection, and micro gardens provide residents backup sources of food, water, and energy in an extreme weather event.

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