Inclusivity. Accountability. Innovation. Play.

Throughout their architectural education, Pooja & Brian had the unique opportunity to work at 14 architecture firms across the U.S, from San Francisco to D.C., Seattle to Chicago. At every firm, they encountered brilliant architects and designers working to modernize the profession. However, challenging the status-quo in long-established firms proved to be difficult and risky, especially for women and minorities.

Ultimately, they realized that unless these modern values are in the DNA of the firm, they won’t drive projects:

  • Inclusive design for and with historically marginalized groups of people

  • Proposing energy-efficient, ecological design at the outset of every project

  • Revisiting completed projects, because architecture is a conversation, not a lecture

  • Utilizing new technology to streamline design, permitting, and construction administration

  • The power of curiosity and positivity to achieve these goals as a team

They started the firm out of necessity, to actualize a sustainable and equitable design future that feels right at our fingertips.

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