Urban Farming Meets Supermarket

Let’s talk about food deserts.

Not food desserts, food deserts. This is where underserved communities are located too far from a grocery store for residents to reasonable access fresh, healthy meal options. They are forced to rely upon unhealthy alternatives like fast food and convenience stores.

Urban Farming

What’s fresher than growing food directly above the grocery’s store?

Ecological Grocery

Grow food on site. Produce energy on site. Live on site.

A Closed Loop System

By locating a greenhouse above the grocery store, we can grow large quantities of fresh produce on site. The roof angle is designed to optimize renewable energy generation from solar panels. Operable windows allow for passive cooling as needed in warmer months.


A Flagship Grocery Store

Located one block from Kroger’s headquarters in downtown Cincinnati, this prototypical closed-loop grocery store can serve as Kroger’s flagship store, setting the tone for where the future is heading.

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